2nd Grade’s Great Diaper Debate!

When the second graders set out to meet a need in the Charleston community, they didn’t know they’d be up to their elbows in diapers!

One in three families in the U.S. struggles to afford diapers. After learning about the effects of diaper need, the CCS second grade planned to host a diaper drive. However, they first wanted to learn everything they could about diapers! Click here to see a slideshow of all the work they did!

The students decided that to determine which diaper brand is “best”, they would need to determine a winner in each category: most popular, lightest weight, softest, most sizes offered, least expensive, and most absorbent.

The students researched, surveyed, measured, and experimented to determine the results. They then held a blind vote for “best” diaper brand based only on the results of their project. The winner….Target brand diapers! Target brand absorbed the most, was the runner up for softest, and cost the least – nearly $400 a year less than some other brands! Click here to hear the students tell you all about their project!
The students had an awesome time learning all about diapers, and will finish their study with a diaper drive to benefit the Junior League of Charleston’s diaper bank. Please help them by donating diapers of any size and brand. Their final collection day will be May 17th. There will be a collection bin in the Lower School hallway, next to Mrs. Hills’ office.
Thank you for helping them help others!

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