Senior Writing: How Will Hutchisson is Working Toward Being a Global Citizen

At CCS, we are looking forward to seeing what our incredible rising senior class accomplishes in the 2017-2018 school year. Senior Will Hutchisson is working hard this summer at becoming a global citizen by applying what he’s learned at CCS to his summer job with a philanthropic organization. Read his writing about his experience below!

“It’s summertime, and without the stress of school, I’ve had a lot more time on my hands. When I’m not working at my summer job at a retirement community, I often find myself thinking. Lately, I’ve found myself asking, “What does it mean to be a global citizen?” This question can be answered from various perspectives, but, for me, it means a desire to give back and make an impact in communities throughout the world, which is what led me to Serengetee.


Serengetee is a t-shirt company that supports artisans from around the world. I have the pleasure of working for this company this summer through a “Campus Representative” program. The founders of Serengetee travel the world, exploring markets, collecting fabrics, and making them into pocket tees. They sought to find a way to bring positive change to global communities through fabric, and it worked. They continue to travel the world, looking for new fabrics, supporting artisans, and giving back a percentage of their profits to improve lives throughout a diverse range of communities.

​ As a “Summer Rep,” my job is to promote the company, primarily through social media, but also through word of mouth. This summer, I’m seeking to spread the mission of Serengetee to as many people as possible, encouraging others to not only buy shirts that tell a story, but also help those in need. During my internship, I have found that Serengetee’s mission is closely related to the service-learning mindset of CCS. Although one is a fabric company and the other is a school, both play a part in educating others about the importance of service in one’s life through active learning. As opposed to strictly learning a lesson from a book, CCS has students learn first-hand, while applying lessons in real life situations. Instead of ordering fabric online, Ryan and Jeff (the owners of Serengetee) travel to a multitude of countries and collect the fabrics themselves, which helps them see first-hand how they can help the local artisans.

​Whether you’re inspired to start something new, or join a current movement, I encourage you to envision what impact you can make in your community. Whether it’s at your job, your school, or even your neighborhood, ask yourself, “How can I leave my footprint here?” Set a goal, promote your idea, and make your impact. That’s what I’m doing through this internship…and what I’ll be thinking about as I enter my senior year at CCS this fall.”

Wear The World,

Will Hutchisson, Class of 2018

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