Learning through Experience: Our Students’ Summer Activities – Middle School

Our Middle School students have been working hard completing their summer requirements.  Bodie W. volunteered, while Aiden B., Alexandra C., and  Brooke F., completed unique summer assignments in the culinary industry! Aiden was busy this summer taking a cooking class, and Brooke F. and Alexandra C. put together a philanthropic bake sale! Bodie W. volunteered by helping an organization that provides toys to children in need. You can read about their experiences and what they learned below.

Animal Sanctuary Fundraising Bake Sale

“0n July 1, 2017, Alexandra and I had a bake sale at the farmers market to raise money for Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary. We raised $1,100 dollars! Hallie Hill is located in Hollywood, SC. They try to save as many dogs and cats as they can and they do not kill. They currently have one space for a kitten in need of a home. We need more animals to get adopted so we have space for more dogs and cats to save and get them a nice warm home. The money from the bake sale will help get more space for animals in need.

-Written by Brooke F.

Children’s Philanthropy

“The Charity I worked for was called Faith Hope. It was an amazing experience for me. I loved seeing people’s faces going from stress to happiness. I loved helping other people for something good. For the first couple days, I helped pack toys and such for children who don’t have the money to buy fun things like toy cars, bikes, and puzzles. It was a hard work but worth it. Over the next couple of days, I helped deliver the packages and that’s what touched me the most. I saw kids as young as two. Their smiles made my day! That is how my volunteer experience went this summer.”
-Written by Bodie W.


Learning to Bake

“This summer, I took two pastry baking camps at Trident Technical College. I made things like Creme brulee and Cannolis. They were so yummy. I think when I am older I might go into the baking business.”

-Written by Aiden B.

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