Lower School Leaders – 4th Grade Marshals

As leaders of the Lower School, the fourth grade class is expected to set an example for the grades below. The Fourth Grade Marshals program was created to make this leadership role an official position for the students to strive towards earning. The Marshals Program fits seamlessly within the Charleston Collegiate mission and Four Pillars of Education, by focusing on the overall excellence of our students and combining academics with character, kindness, respect and helpfulness in order to nurture our students in their journey to becoming well rounded individuals. Each month, four Student Marshals are chosen from the fourth grade class by their teachers, based upon the leadership initiative that they show over a prolonged period of time. We find that the Marshals Program is successful in provoking positive actions by the fourth graders based upon impeccable character and kindness, rather than popularity.

Some of the responsibilities of the Fourth Grade Marshals include assisting in assemblies, raising and lowering the U.S. and S.C. flags, and getting the younger children to and from their classrooms during carpool. The Marshal Program is ever evolving to ensure that the children’s responsibilities meet the current needs of the school, nurture the students, and involve projects about which the fourth grade students are passionate. This year, the Marshals are going to meet once each week during lunch with Mrs. Doyle to discuss other services or activities they can do during their month as Marshals.The CCS faculty believes that rewarding positive behavior is the best way to foster long-term growth and improvement. The Fourth Grade Marshals Program has shown many positive results while continuing to set the stage for behavioral expectations between students and their teachers as well as their peers.

The Marshals this month are Jacob Berry, Rafael Hernandez Merino, Kylie Wojdyla, and Kylie Schroder, who say that they really enjoy getting to raise and lower the flags each day. They also enjoy the responsibility of helping with carpool, and overall they love being an example for the younger kids because it allows them “to teach the younger grades lessons on what to do around school.”

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